Who is Zille?
Over 20 years of experience landed into the new project from TUTIS - Zille. It is designed to facilitate parenting for you. Zille functionality with a strong sense of identity takes parenthood into a whole new level - advanced technological solutions and contemporary design brings effortlessness and freedom into your day-to-day life.
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Why Zille?

THERMO-COT™ carrycot for the future

The ultra-light and spacious thermal carrycot allows the babies to enjoy both: space and comfort in all journeys. THERMO-COT™ is a special combination of polyethylene that was invented exclusively for Tutis carrycots to ensure exceptional lightness and firmness. The most innovative lightweight carrycot weighs only 0.9 kg.

THERMO-COT™ material stands out by its exceptional strength, elasticity and durability. This material is usually used in production of safety helmets for race drivers and for packaging of heavy household appliances ensuring the items remain intact.

The new ZILLE carrycot is unique: it blocks cold air and wind and prevents frequent changes of the temperature, so the baby does not freeze and overheat. These features make the ZILLE carrycot thermoregulatory, unlike the standard plastic carrycot.

Maneuverable and soft chassis

The team of engineers focused on chassis durability, softness and maneuverability. The ZIILE stroller moves easily along the park tracks and between store shelves. The stroller is easy to navigate with just one hand.

ZILLE chassis has x3 shock absorption system. Robust shock absorbers adjust to the changing weight of the baby and manage the smooth and effective motion on any terrain. The front wheel shock absorption system provides excellent protection against soft impacts with obstacles in the front (ex. curbs).

Additional shock absorption is provided by new generation REAL-GEL™ wheels. The rear wheels have additional bearings, due to which the chassis moves more easily from itself and does not require additional force when pushing the stroller. Due to the wider tires it is easier to go through sand or snow. These engineering solutions have been made purposefully so that consumers can move easily wherever they go.

Bold design

Zille design solutions are functional and makes the product easy to use carrycot’s leg cover has a wind protection with invisible magnetic clasps. Branded woven belt is not only a stylish element, it holds the wind cover when it is not used. Inner fabrics of the carrycot are protected with SILVER-ION™ technology, which is a great defender against bacteria and microbes.

The combinations of colours have been thought through well, and the tones are matched so that anyone could select a product that suits the person’s style or daily appearance that people love. You can choose from five different colour combinations: from safety choices to bold and bright.